Making PCs

Beyond the Mountains of Madness is a Savage Worlds Realms of Cthulhu campaign. Investigators will be created at the Seasoned level, meaning they have a bit of experience under their belts before heading down to Antarctica.

The first step is to come up with a concept for your investigator. Is he a hot-shot former Great War pilot ready to test his mettle in the frozen continent? Is she a scientist, renown in her field, looking to add her expertise to the expedition? Suggestions can be found here.

An overview of the Savage Worlds system can be found here.


Savage Worlds has five primary attributes – Agility, Smarts, Spirit, Strength, and Vigor. They are self-explanatory and each one is important. Each starts at d4. To start you have 5 points to increase these attributes – each die raise costs a point, and your maximum is d12. Spend ‘em all cause they don’t carry over to anything else.


Savage Worlds has a basic list of skills that include such generic names as Driving, Fighting, and Shooting. Of special note is the Knowledge skill, which is the only skill to contain specialties. Taking Knowledge requires focusing on one of these, or you can come up with your own.

To begin with you get 15 points to distribute among your skills. The cost is 1 point per die rank as long as the rank is equal to or less than its associated attribute. It costs 2 points for a die rank above the associated attribute. Again, divide out all of your skill points here as they are not usable elsewhere.


Now is the time to choose from the list of Hindrances. These are divided up into Major Hindrances (worth 2 points) and Minor Hindrances (worth 1 point). You are only allowed to have 5 points worth of Hindrances. Here is what you can do with the points:

For 2 points you can …
  • Purchase an Edge.
  • Increase an attribute by a die type, up to the maximum of d12.
For 1 point you can …
  • Increase a skill by one die type.

In Savage Worlds you gain an advance every 5 XP you earn. As you gain more advances your rank increases, from Novice (0 XP), Seasoned (20 XP), Veteran (40 XP), Heroic (60 XP), and Legendary (80 XP+). For BtMoM, you are starting at Seasoned (20 XP) so you get 4 advances.

An advance can be …
  • A new Edge that you qualify for.
  • An die type increase in two skills that are each equal to or lower than their linked attribute.
  • A die type increase in one skill that is greater than its linked attribute.
  • A die type increase to an attribute. NOTE This can only be take once per rank (so once for Novice, once for Seasoned, etc.).

Making PCs

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