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  • Peter Sykes

    This Canadian is a rugged adventurer of average height, with long limbs and a narrow, wide-mouthed face and black hair. Aggressive and optimistic, he loves challenges and risks, and is often ready with a wisecrack or a joke.

  • Gunnar Sorensen

    As with his older brother Nils, long stretches of arctic winter appear to have leached all color from Gunnar Sorensen. Still, the brothers' personalities could not be more opposite. Gunnar is happy and companionable, contrasting with Nils' coldness. Happy …

  • Nils Sorensen

    The older Sorensen brother is tall and nearly colorless, with pale Norwegian skin and fine, virtually white hair that grows down past his shoulders. The pale blue eyes resemble ice water, and they study sky or horizon more comfortably than a nearby person …